I live in Las Vegas can I get a lasvegasweedcard? Is a lasvegasweedcard reserved for just Las Vegas locals? What is a lasvegasweedcard? Is it a long and complicated process to get a lasvegasweedcard? How do I find more information in applying for a lasvegasweedcard? A lasvegasweedcard is a medical marijuana card and is used for obtaining medical grade marijuana. Lasvegasweedcard is not reserved just for Nevada locals but anyone staying in Las Vegas who wish to carry up to a ounce of marijuana and don’t want to worry about getting arrested for carrying without a lasvegasweedcard. Lasvegasweedcard is not hard to obtain as long as you fit the criteria and are able to prove you have a chronic disease or illness that medical marijuana has been approved to treat.

I have had a lasvegasweedcard for as long as you were able to get a lasvegasweedcard. It’s a approval from a Doctor and than you can fill out a application and send in the fee and your on your way. Once you receive your lasvegasweedcard you can purchase medical marijuana from any of the dispensaries in town that can legally sell you medical marijuana with your lasvegasweedcard. In this milestone turning point with medical marijuana being made legal in some states and regulated we are seeing a wider variety of potencies such as marijuana with almost no THC the chemical in marijuana than can cause psychoactive qualities.

This strain of marijuana is high in CBD or Cannabidiol which has more therapeutic qualities but no psychoactive. Marijuana unlike many more dangerous drugs is virtually impossible to overdose on. THC the active ingredient in most marijuana is non-toxic to organs and healthy cells and will not cause a dangerous overdose. The FDA during a study found THC to be very helpful and safe in treatment for nausea, vomiting and wasting diseases.

Even with higher potencies of marijuana most consumers will just adjust there smoking habits to less frequent to accommodate the higher potency of marijuana there smoking. But even with the medical marijuana card if the patient is found with more than an ounce or an expired card can and will still be prosecuted under Nevada law. You are also allowed to possess three mature plants and four immature plants. As a medical marijuana patient you may possess vaporizers or pipes to aid in your smoking or using your medicinal marijuana.